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Gas flaring, a common practice in the oil and gas industry, has long been associated with wasted energy and environmental concerns. However, innovative solutions are emerging to turn this harmful practice into an opportunity for power generation. Gas turbines, renowned for their efficiency and flexibility, are leading the charge in utilizing gas flare as a free and sustainable fuel source.


OP16 dual fuel solution allows you to switch between liquid and gaseous fuels under load, adapting to situation.

Fuel Flexibility
Fuel Fluctuations

The flare gas composition frequently changes, the OP16 gas turbine is designed to operate with dynamically changing LHV compared to other technologies.

Long Service Intervals

Oil production demand reliability without compromise. Other technology requires maintenance every 1000 hours while the gas turbine OP16 stops for maintenance once per year and major overhaul after running 42,500 hours. With a 98% high availability rate, the OP16 gas turbine ensures minimum downtime of your production.

While traditional technologies struggle to accept inrush load, the OP16 gas turbine can accept or reject up to 100% load.

Steps Loads
Lower Energy Costs

Flare gas is a “free fuel” to use, convert it into electricity and heat. This translates into significant cost savings giving 0,017 Euro/KWh**, making your operations more financially efficient.

Compact and Modular

Space and weight constraints is critical for the offshore operations. OP16 gas turbines come in a compact and modular design 20ft container, making them a perfect fit for diverse applications and challenging environments. Whether it's offshore platforms, remote oil fields, or industrial facilities, the OP16 can adapt and deliver exceptional performance, regardless of location.

Avoid Penalties

Flaring is subject to regulations and environmental standards and comes with monetary penalties. We encourage you to endorse this flaring reduction initiative to demonstrate your company’s commitment to strong environmental stewardship and effective resource management.

Lower Emissions

OP16 gas turbines utilize advanced combustion technology to significantly reduce emissions, ensuring a greener, more sustainable flaring solution. The noise load of the OP16 is below the most stringent requirements in the field and well below other technologies. The near-zero oil consumption of OP16 is your additional contribution to sustainability.

Resistant to Contaminants:

The radial design of the OP16 turbine allows to utilize fuel with a relatively high content of pollutants, including H2S up to 7% vol.*

*The number provided is subject to change depending on the specific project and fuel composition.

**The cost of electricity is net, based on fixed costs and ISO conditions, provided that flare gas is free, without reference to a particular region, taxes and other variables.

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Download the brochure to learn more about the OP16 Gas Turbine Capabilities Utilising Flare Gas


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Seven Marine ASA

Piranema Oil Field

Major Sour Gas Processing Facility


  • Electricity Output: 7.2 MWe
  • $2.49 M Annual Savings
  • 50% Increased Power Output in the Same Footprint
  • 40% Emissions Reduction




  • Electricity Output: 5.4 MWe
  • >15 years of successful and continuous operation
  • 20' footprint for 1.8MWe
  • 40% Emissions Reduction
  • Electricity Output: 5.4 MWe
  • $2.44 M Annual Savings
  • 24 Days Increased Annual Production Time
  • 10% Increase of Total Production
Flare Gas To Power Brochure

Download the brochure to learn more about the OP16 Gas Turbine Capabilities Utilising Flare Gas


About Destinus Energy:

Destinus Energy develops, manufactures and services state of-the-art gas turbine systems, and is headquartered in Hengelo, The Netherlands. Our advanced turbine technology has turned the OP16 Gas Turbine into a masterpiece of technology allowing us to serve global markets with clean, distributed energy solutions.

We are over 30 years within this energy market, have successfully installed numerous gas turbines in oil and gas, waste to energy, industrial and commercial, and marine markets. Destinus turned over 686.8 Million m3 of flare gas into electricity, leading to significant environmental benefits and cost savings. We provide sustainable energy solutions and contribute to the reduction of more than 369 Million kg of CO2 emissions, based on the utilization of flare gas units.

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